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Beat the Robots & Dominate Your Competition

Our propietary two-step process ensures you come out on top... instead of getting left in the dust.

You’re here, so you clearly know investing in brand visibility is mission-critical to the long-term viability of your business. The top challenge faced by tech firms in 2018 is attracting new business. Over 90% of customers will look for your business solutions online first. 85% won’t go past page one. 

The TOPO #StrategyLens™ Worksheet & #StrategyLens™ will teach how to get to the top of the line, attracting leads & converting customers to your solution, using –

  • Benefits-Based Content
  • Pull Versus Push Marketing Tactics
  • Digital PR
  • Lead Generation
  • Growth-Hacking

Using the TOPO #StrategyLens™ Worksheet to complete your own #StrategyLens™, you'll learn how to...


Using strategic insights 

The foundation of a strategic marketing plan should refine your brand Identity, assess and evaluate current market positioning and uncover opportunities that can accelerate growth. Throughout the life of your business, your completed plan should become the #1 tool used by your entire marketing team. 

Done right, it can also be your "magic wand" for generating floods of hot, ready-to-buy, leads and turning them into closes sales & increased revenues. Using actionable insights distilled from a foundational strategy highlights a clear path to cultivating a unique brand that stands distinguished from competitors. Primarily, because it builds - and builds on - a clear understanding of specificially how prospects can benefit from your unique solution to their problems and needs. 

Use the TOPO #StrategyLens™ Worksheet and TOPO #StrategyLens™ to refine your brand with wisdom. When you craft a laser-focused message that targets, finds, and speaks to the right prospects, in the right place, at the right time... you nearly eliminate the need to "compete" for business.


By investing smart

Sustainable organizations continually invest in business development efforts in order to stay top-of-mind. However, most organizations rely on execution tactics that are not underpinned by strategy resulting in confusion or even analysis-paralysis of customers. You need to give your prospects a clear and direct path to acquire your product or service from you.

Does your organization suffer from 'shiny object' syndrome? Are you busy stringing random tactics together with no real understanding of how they will meet business growth objectives? 

The TOPO #StrategyLens™ Worksheet and TOPO #StrategyLens™ help you determine specific, action-focused steps to take, founded on measurable business intelligence. You'll KNOW where to stop wasting money on execution tactics and how to get the most return from precision strategies. You'll also ID what KPI’s to track so you can be sure you're driving your strategic marketing plan forward – resulting in steady ROI for your organization.


& get found on Google 

Are you a new technology company looking to get brand visibility but have no idea how to break away from the competition and rank on Google? Or maybe you're an established agency, struggling to get better at business development so you can finally find or create a strategy to stay relevant to your audience for years to come? 

If you put in the RIGHT work, it doesn't have to be such a struggle and you can achieve awesome results. Simply increasing your credibility online can help you command a professional billing rate up to 13x more than average. With success metrics like these on the table, its time to start asserting a powerful advantage over your competition by increasing your brand reach, awareness and engagement online. 

Completing the TOPO #StrategyLens™ Worksheet and TOPO #StrategyLens™ will show you how and where to expand your digital footprint to get noticed online, manifesting real business opportunities for your organization.


And derive more lifetime value 

The cost to acquire a customer is always going to be higher than the cost to retain one. If you can retain customers and get them to keep buying from you, you may not need anything else. High customer turnover may be an indication your product or strategy does not align with customer expectations. To slow churn, you not only must prove what you're promising, but you also need cross-collaboration between sales and marketing. 

Just a few KPI's that smart marketers should track include the customer satisfaction index, customer profitability scores, and the customer lifetime value indicator. Stop guessing. It doesn't work. Instead, use predictive analysis to determine how current customers are engaging with your product or service and what will maintain that momentum. Then, use that insight to take action and retain critical relationships that will determine the success of your organization over the long term. 

Use the TOPO #StrategyLens™ Worksheet and TOPO #StrategyLens™ to remain agile and hack growth. It will help you ID and create strategies to keep customers, keep them coming back and motivate them to evangelize your business to others. Because your business depends on it.  


It's a tech-marketing thing ...

The digital space is a landmine of disaster for companies that are ill-equipped & unprepared. To find unmet or unserved customer needs - and the markets they occupy - without any shadow of a doubt you need a solid strategy. Only 8% of marketing firms are prepared to help innovative technology companies in a way that will spawn new business opportunities.

Since tech can move at the pace of the market itself - to adapt, survive, and thrive - your marketing team must have a sophisticated and well-versed understanding of the industry to help you own the sector. 

The TOPO #StrategyLens™ Worksheet and TOPO #StrategyLens™ empower you to BE PREPARED, BE DILIGENT and BE AT THE FRONT OF THE LINE... far ahead of your competition. And if you need help completing them, we're ready and waiting with wise, experienced, counsel.

About TOPO Digital Sea 

TOPO Digital Sea grew off the back of a brand-powerhouse in Adams Morgan, DC that works specifically with enterprise technology, federal, and commercial clients. TOPO Digital Sea is both high-tech and high-touch. We drive strategies that put you at the bleeding edge of your industry and help you build your tribe.

We put design, storytelling, and user experience at the very heart of everything we do. In addition to our leadership, our execution teams are made up of designers, strategists, and innovators. We combine left brain/right brain thinking to create a holistic vision for your brand.

Using our proprietary #StrategyLens™ process, we set you up for success by getting to the core of your brand’s story and developing user personas that drive interaction across platforms. We dive into crucial KPIs for your business and develop marketing strategies that help you meet your sales conversion goals year after year.

As a US-based digital company, our team is made up of highly talented contractors and freelancers from around the world. Our Project Managers are leveraged to identify the problems you're facing, to build a solution, and to help you take back control of your business development and marketing strategy.

SMART marketers question everything.

Our #StrategyLens™ worksheet will help you uncover insights about the structure of industry and market, your competitors, and demonstrate how you can gain a lasting advantage over key players.