We Live at the Intersection of Strategy & Creativity
Digital innovators, we deliver high-performance digital services that break barriers.

Our Approach.

From offering marketing services that truly make a difference & deliver REAL ROI – to marrying the right ideas with the right tactics, delivered by the right people, the right way, at the right time – we help you DOMINATE your market space… and your competition.

Our Mission.

We want to make your life easier – and your business so successful – you’ll wonder how you ever managed to survive without us.

We Are Innovators.

Our Brands.

Topo Digital Sea Logo

Topo’s Marketing Services Arm

Fighting for business sucks. Trying to get found online can suck. Finding the right people, to do the right things to make it happen, well… isn’t always a walk in the park either.

In an ideal world, this website wouldn’t exist.  Heck, WE wouldn’t exist. You would dream up a business idea, open your doors, and clients would flock to you quickly, effortlessly and in abundance. And you would know exactly what to do to make that happen… on a shoestring budget.

Needless to say, that’s not the world most people live in today. But it is the world we live in. And we can make it your world too.

From developing a story-centric brand that speaks to the needs of your prospects; to designing collateral, a web presence, and a digital footprint that compels that audience to do business with you; to systems that follow up and further engage those now-customers to come back again and again and motivate them to evangelize your business and brand to the world (they become “your tribe”); we help you…


Topo Talent Connect

Virtual Services Staffing and Executive Augmentation

Topo Talent Connect helps you meet just-in-time staffing needs to reduce the pain of scaling. We help you build your virtual time and experience the amazing efficiency and power of a hybrid workforce.

Virtualization should maximize effort & results—not create additional work or hog permanent resources. We take care of everything – top to bottom, beginning to end – so you can rest easy.

Do You Ever…

  • Need strategy help?
  • A proficient & efficient executive assistant?
  • Considering bringing in temporary or project-based expertise to augment in-house expertise and execution?
  • Maybe you need interim executive fill-in or supplementation?
  • Is outsourcing creating more work for you and your team?
  • Or is the idea itself overwhelming?
  • Are your staffing processes making your job harder or easier?
  • Are you getting desired results?

We’ve got the perfect addition to your team ready & waiting… whether you need a Project Strategist, Virtual Secretary or Virtual CMO. Our experienced & effective project management makes outsourcing seem… easy. Virtualization should maximize effort & results—not create additional work or hog permanent resources.
We take care of everything – top to bottom, beginning to end – so you can rest easy.

Delivering masterful customer experiences is a part of building your tribe. We give them to you and create them for your business.

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Education, Ideas & Techniques in Core Business Concepts, Leadership, and Thought Innovation

Learn to Lead Your Ecosystem.

“Work rules” aren’t taught in school but we must LEARN them to be successful.
You don’t want to be the co-worker no one wants on their team and who’s disposable in lean times.

You must effectively ENGAGE with others for the greatest success in your business & career.
The depth and value of your network is your net worth. Build your safety net.

Building & maximizing your network isn’t just engaging with others.
It’s also ATTRACTING the right people, at the right time, with the right resources, to help propel you to the next level.

Maturing professionally includes being ready, willing, and able to DEVELOP others & giving back.
Curiosity (exploring & learning) gives way to generosity – helping others win too.

Komo2o helps you discover HOW to improve each of these areas by browsing our blog and taking courses. Then, APPLY what you learn by DOING IT via our Community, Groups, and Mentoring / Volunteering opportunities.

Digital Sea

– the topo virtual services platform –

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