Release Notes: Marketo unveils fall updates, adds AI setup, enhances Bizable

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Now part of the Adobe family, Marketo has announced its fall updates, which are intended to improve efficiency and insights for marketing users. Here are a few of the major items from that release.

Leveraging AI for account setup. Users can now employ AI from predictive lead scoring firm Mintigo to automatically build accounts for a given strategy, within seconds.

Sales Engage integrated. Introduced in the spring, Sales Engage is designed as a next-gen sales enablement platform. This component has been integrated with Salesforce Lightning, which enables users to build and deploy cloud-based mini-apps with little or no coding. This integration highlights that, although Marketo is now part of Adobe, its users frequently also employ Salesforce, mostly because of its CRM.

Sales Engage is also now available for Outlook for Mac, Outlook for Windows and Outlook Web Application for Office 365 email clients.

Marketo Sky refreshed. Also launched this past spring, Sky is intended as a more efficient way to plan and manage campaigns. It now features a look and feel with new colors, spacing, layouts and typography.

To assist with efficiency, frequently used functions are now directly available from the Marketo Activities home page. There’s also contextual info available for specific functions on the same page, such as when campaigns are scheduled to run.

Design Studio in Sky now has the ability to see landing page or email templates in a list view, to create assets and to drag-and-drop images or files.

Bizible refined. Acquired last spring by Marketo, a new enhancement improves onboarding time for the Bizible performance management software.

This means, Marketo said, “customers no longer need to jump through the hoops of installing a package or solution inside of their CRM to get started with Bizible.” Instead, you just set up an account, set up ad and CRM connections, and then configure.

There is also now the general availability of Bizible Discover, also launched last spring, which offers performance data and insights, and there is single sign-on capability for the Bizible web app.

Trend charts can now set time ranges up to 24 months, there’s a new scale-to-fit setting, and Performance Insights alert has an icon about active alerts relating to data quality or setup.

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