The ultimate guide to using Bing Webmaster Tools – Part 6

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In the first five parts of the Bing Webmaster Tools series, I covered both the publicly facing tools as well as the tools that require login to and a Webmaster Tools account to access. With all of these tools available at your fingertips have you ever wondered how often you should be logging in to manage your website or to access data?

When I took over managing search engine optimization (SEO) for the Windows team, I know that I did. I would log in almost every day to see what was happening and almost drove myself crazy!  But now?  I don’t log in to webmaster tools every day, instead I login in several times a month.  It’s not that I care less, I actually care more but I have configured my Webmaster Tools in a way I can zero in on what I need quickly.

I could write a novel about how I use Bing Webmaster Tools since the program has so many great features but here is a snapshot on how I’ve been using Webmaster Tools on a regular basis to manage my sites.

SEO is like chess, it’s a long game strategy

SEO is a long-game strategy, it’s not quick and fast, and often it takes weeks to months to see results.

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