Facebook is giving more Instagram developers access to AR camera features

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the company’s 2017 F8 Developer’s Conference.

Facebook just renamed its Camera Effects Platform as Spark AR and announced it is expanding the platform to more developers on Instagram. Developers can now apply to join the larger closed beta program.

Why marketers and influencers should care

Spark AR allows developers for brands, marketers and influencers on its platform to create augmented reality camera effects. By expanding its beta program for Spark AR to Instagram, more brands and marketers be able to test AR camera effects for building more interactive marketing experiences.

“We want to put the power of Spark AR on Instagram in the hands of a wider variety of individual developers,” writes Facebook on its Developers blog. As more developers on Instagram are given access to Spark AR, most likely more brands will soon follow — making it possible for a wider range of advertisers to design engaging experiences on Instagram that appeal to the app’s younger audience.

To be considered for the beta program, developers must submit an application via the Instagram Spark AR website.

Applicants are asked to define what type of effect they wish to make and if the effect would involve a face or world effect (or both). They are also asked if the effect will be used to promote a brand.

More on Facebook’s Spark AR program

  • Early beta users of the Instagram Spark AR platform include Kylie Jenner, NBA, Ariana Grande, and Gucci.
  • Facebook began testing AR effects for News Feed ads in July, giving a select number of advertisers access to AR features.
  • In July, Facebook reported the brand ASUS achieved, on average, 10 times the engagement with AR experiences in Messenger compared to experiences that did not include AR effects, and that KIA saw a 46 percent increase in daily average dealer inventory searches when pairing an AR experience with its click-to-Messenger ad campaign.

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