Put That On My Snap?! Using Snapchat for Business…

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Snapchat For Business?

If you aren’t familiar with Snapchat, here’s some background information.

Snapchat is a social network that has more than 150 million users. A user can send photos and videos, and have Snapchat calls with their friends. Once the snap is viewed, it disappears. Users can also post stories from their account, which are available to their friends for 24 hours then disappear.

Snapchat has filters, face effects, messaging, and other fun functions that have made this app so successful.

Brands can use Snapchat, as well, from a business perspective. Take Starbucks for example. They had a Starbucks filter made so users could post with their filter, which could influence their friends to head on over to the nearest Starbucks for a treat. These followers will probably also follow the Starbucks Snapchat account, increasing the probability of them drinking Starbucks again.

So here’s why you should use Snapchat for your business:

Why your business needs to be on Snapchat

Snapchat users post 10 BILLION videos every day. Those numbers show big opportunities for brands and businesses. Snapchat also surveyed 320 customers comparing Snapchat video ads to ads on TV, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Snapchat ads accumulated 2 times the attention of Facebook ads and 1.5 times more than Instagram ads. Snapchat’s ads also generated a greater emotional response, which means the intent to purchase is twice as much.

How to make snapchat work for your business

Snapchat offers several marketing options for your business to take advantage of. These options include Snap Ads, Sponsored Geofilters, or Sponsored Lenses.

Snap ads:

Snap ads are a great way to get your audience’s attention. These ads are 10-second videos that play between Snapchat stories. There is an option for viewers to swipe up for more content. The swipe-up rate is 5 times higher than the clicking rate on other social medias.


There are two types of Geofilters for businesses: On-Demand Geofilters and Sponsored Geofilters.

On-Demands Geofilters can cost as little as $5, but the Sponsored Geofilters can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. When snapchatters are in the location of your choice, the Geofilter will be available for them to use. You can use an On-Demand Geofilter if this is the case. If you need a less location-specific Geofilter, then use a Sponsored Geofilter than can be used nation-wide. A National Sponsored Geofilter typically reaches 40-60% of snapchat users (roughly 75 billion people), which is why these are more expensive.


Sponsored lenses allow users to interact with the lens you’ve created. They simply press and hold on their face for the lenses to appear and swipe through the options. Some lenses have prompts such as “raise your eyebrows,” which activates a twist to their lens. Users can post stories and send snaps with these filters on their faces for their friends to see.

How to grow your number of followers

If you aren’t wanting to put your ad budget towards a Snapchat ad just yet, there are still many great ways to utilize Snapchat for your business. Start by gaining followers.

Have a clever strategy:

Who are you targeting? Who will keep the account active? What is the goal? What will my Snapchat success be? How will we attract followers?

Learn how to use Snapchat

Snapchat is much easier to use to promote if you know how to use all the aspects it has to offer. Learn what the terminology of Snapchat is, such as a snap, filters, lenses, Geofilters, a Snapcode, chats, the discover page, and Snapmap. All of these tools can help you on your promotion journey, so it’s important you know what they are.

Share your Snapcode:

A Snapcode is a a QR-style code than snapchatters can scan to add you as a friend and access your content. Users can scan the code with their Snapchat camera, then add the friend. You can post your Snapcode online, on other networks, on flyers, or anywhere you please.

Share your Snapchat content on other social medias:

If you share you a snap from your Snapchat on Facebook, then your Facebook friends will know you have a snap and can add you from there.

Link your Snapchat profile on your website:

You can share your Snapchat by posting a hyperlink URL, your username in plain text, or by your Snapcode.

Snapchat is a great way to promote your brand or business.

Use the tips above to help your company reach its goal. There are many stories of businesses using Snapchat that had a significant increase in sales or interactions by customers/consumers.

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