Beyond Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Community at the Center of Successful Online Apps

From entertaining games that promote creativity and learning, to utilitarian apps that organize your to-do lists, controversial apps that help you spy on your spouse, and even life-saving apps that monitor your heart rate, if you dream it, you can find it. Because there appear to be inexhaustible markets for online apps (ever hear of iFart and ZitPicker?) – many developers have been led to believe all they need to do for an app to be successful is to… build it and they will come.

Understand the Karma of Social Media When You Create Your Brand

One of the fastest and most-effective ways to get more business is to build a strong social media presence. Yet, like swords, social media cuts both ways. You have to wield it well for you and your brand to benefit from its immense potential. If you don’t, it can come back around and cut you. Bad.

Create Your Brand by Crafting Content That You (and People) Love

In the age of too much information, just about anyone in the business world who wants to write entrepreneurship articles can put their own spin on another Top 10 list or how-to guide. The result is often coverage of topics that have been written to death and an audience that automatically tunes out whenever the same melody is played over and over.

How to Use Video Effectively on Social Media to Attract Top Employers

According to Elance, the leading platform for online employment, more and more companies are using social media to attract top talent. Their survey reveals that as many as 40% of young professionals employ social media to search for and get jobs. You can use this trend to your advantage and make your resume stand out.

You’re An Artist Too! Don’t Be Afraid to Color Outside of the Lines!

Creativity is the cornerstone of imagination and progress. Is your business – are you – moving forward? Imagine, for a moment, you’re at a company-wide offsite. You’ve been placed at a table with several acquaintances (perhaps even strangers). You all work in different departments.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Start From Noticing: Design Awesome Customer Experiences by Cultivating Attention

Entrepreneurs must practice positive disruption, continually exploring and considering ways to improve their processes, as well as examine what customers want and need. Successful entrepreneurs – and students of entrepreneurship – realize customer experiences don’t just happen spontaneously.

Don’t Cover Up: Be True to Yourself and Create Your Brand

Do you flat iron those Afro curls because frizzy hair is not vogue in your workplace? Do you pep talk yourself before you clock in, put on a work mask and play pretend for eight hours to create your brand? Or maybe put on warpaint instead of makeup so your colleagues – and boss – would think you are one tough cookie at work?

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